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William Hunter
November 13, 2018 | William Hunter

What are the correct wines for your Holiday Fowl?

‘I only drink red wine’ is the statement that gets my attention more than any other.  Of course it would bother a maker of white wine. When I hear that it tells me ‘you haven’t tried the right white wine’. Actually, I’ve always felt that any wine can be enjoyed for what it is as long as it is well made.

But most importantly, wine is meant to be drunk with food and certain wines go with certain foods.  And this led me to think about wine for the holiday season which is typically cold weather and is therefore intuitively appropriate for red wine, however the traditional food for the season is fowl (turkey, goose), perfect for white wine. I understand many wine critics say a light red wine (light Pinot, Beaujolais, rose or some such thing) goes best with winter fowl, but I feel a full, rich white like Chardonnay, especially a Chardonnay in the Chasseur style is more appropriate.

So I’m going to offer you what I feel is the appropriate wine for your Christmas goose; a full bodied, complex 2014 Chardonnay with weight at a special price, 40% off for the 2014 Sonoma Coast and Russian River Chardonnays.  I know what you’re saying; a Chardonnay, the first of a trio of great vintages from Chasseur, at $24 a bottle? You must be drinking too much of the wine you’re writing about.  Well, I suppose I am, so why not take advantage? Shop wines here>>


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