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Sausage Chicken
February 10, 2017

I was working at a restaurant called the Chronicle on the border of Santa Monica and Venice Beach California in the 1970’s and was a big fan of Jacques Pepin. I remember a particular recipe of his called Sausage Chicken, a cold appetizer. I googled this recipe but couldn’t find it so I’ll have to give it to you from a 40 year old memory. This dish calls for a big Chardonnay so try it with any of the Chasseur Russian River’s.

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Leg of Lamb
April 30, 2018
The nose of Chasseur Pinot Noir will mingle perfectly with the aromas of this young roasted spring leg of lamb recipe.
My Grandmother's Braised Lamb
October 26, 2018
I am offering a recipe that I’ve enjoyed for many years. The lamb recipe I’m going to offer is relatively simple and can easily be altered to suit one’s taste.